Letter from Santa

Personalised and Unique for your Child

Christmas will be Extra Special for your Child when they receive their very own Personalised Letter from Santa Claus. Watch their face light up when they open a letter that has been written to be perfectly unique for them. Spread the Magic of Christmas by ordering a Letter from Santa from us today!

Santa is nice

Countdown to Christmas


Get a personalised letter from Santa

The magic of Christmas comes alive when they receive our personalised letter from Santa. Choose from a selection of festive letter templates.  Each one is bespoke for your child.

We place the letter inside a matching envelope and self seal it. Santa’s Wax Seal is placed on the back.  Plus the North Pole Postmark for authenticity.

A Gold Seal is attached to each letter and it is then uniquely embossed with the words “Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole”.  This makes the letter very special for the Children when they see it

Included with every letter purchased. The Nice List is also personalised with your child’s name.  Plus it recognises their good behaviour during the year and acts to encourage them to be Nice this year.

Visit our Giftshop page and purchase a 75g bag of Animal Friendly Reindeer Food to sprinkle on your garden or path on Christmas Eve . 

This is a perfect way to get your children ready for Santa’s visit.  Many parents give this to their children at the same time as the letter.  That way they believe  Santa sent it to them with the letter

santa letter and his glasses
Santa is nice
Santas Certificate and Nice List
Royal Mail

Posting Worldwide using Royal Mail

Every letter is sent back to you, in an unmarked envelope usually within 72 hours of purchase.  This allows you to  stage the arrival of the letter to suit you.  Giving you the flexibility to manage this arrival around your commitments.  

We produce and dispatch our letters Worldwide, and are happy to accept orders from international customers.  No matter where you are we can dispatch a letter to you (with an additional small postage charge)

Frequently Asked Questions

It is really easy! Just click on the Make a Letter button at the top of the page, and It will then take you to the letter page. To ensure that your Santa Letter is unique, we ask you to answer some special questions so that we can include these answers in the letter that Santa sends. You can pay using Paypal or any type of Card.

We dispatch all Letters in plain unmarked envelopes directly to you the Parent/Guardian.   This is to protect the look of the letter and to allow you to stage the arrival of the letter as you see fit .  Some people like to give it on Christmas Eve, or leave it at the bottom of the bed, or some people like to ensure it arrives on a day/time that they are there to see the child’s reaction.    This also allows for protection of data for the child. 

 Any Orders are posted in a timely major and we want you to receive this as requested .  However we cannot be held responsible for the various postal services around the world and here in the U.K.  – they may be slower than usual or have delays related to the Global Covid pandemic .  This also can affect air Mail and distribution centres.   We always advise to order as soon as possible and we will dispatch as quickly as we can and usually no later than 48 hours after your order.

If you would like us to post on a specific date to help make it easier for you to stage the arrival – just send us a message and we will do our very best to help

Yes!  We will produce a letter and send this Worldwide and to any country using the Royal Mail postal service which is the U.K. postal service.

We produce our letters in English and I’m afraid we cannot change to adapt to other languages .  The name that you request will always be printed  onto the letter regardless of how it is spelt ! 

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